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Cylinders 1 and 2 not working
seabee Wrote:After you get everything back together I would turn the engine over by hand a couple of revolutions. That way you will be sure nothing was bent after the belt broke. Better to be safe then sorry.

Actually I've done that already. After setting the timing marks with the new belts I cranked it over a couple time to verify the timing marks.
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#16 02-27-2012, 11:22 PM,
Has it fired up yet?

I would be surprised that the engine had run and not bent up those valves on the idle camshaft when the pistons were still running.

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#17 02-27-2012, 11:27 PM,
Roleketu if that camshaft stopped so that the pistons did not hit the valves this has the makings of a Genuine GL1200 Classic Wing Timing Belt Legend. Tongue

#18 02-28-2012, 05:16 AM,
You know, with luck like that :mrgreen: I would RUN and buy a lotto ticket :YMPRAY: NOW, before that luck runs out. :-SS :lol: Glad to hear nothing else broke.
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#19 02-28-2012, 10:21 AM,

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