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Found Problem. Was NOT the charging system
I've been having problems for a while and blaming the alternator at idle for the problems. I was Thinking the alt. wasn't putting out enough below 2500 RPM. Well the bike died just as I pulled into my driveway(What luck!). Anyway, I had no power at all after the bike died. Did some searching, found all the add-on lights,grip heaters,electric gloves etc were tapped into the main fuse box rather than through relays. The fuse should have blown years ago. I found a burnt main fuse holder. The fuse should have blown long before it got to this point. No wonder I was having lights dim,radio act crazy etc, There was hardly any "juice" getting to them.

a larger pic can be seen here: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... Holder.jpg</a><!-- m -->
[Image: zmxzl.jpg]
I'm almost done routing all the non factory electronics through a seperate fuse panel that will be powered through a relay with a fuse direct to the battery.
I'm just glad the fuse holder is the only thing that burned up!
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#1 12-03-2011, 12:25 PM,
you are running a poorboy setup,right?
if not you are still going to have a problem even though you are running thru relays and taping off the battery
mike: just found some of your old posts about having a poorboy,setup so you shouldn't have a problem now with your new relay setup
example: on my sei with stock stator had the same problem even with running all accessories off battery and relays,once the amp usage gets up above 24 amps the fuses start melting even though they dont "blow",mine would look exactly like yours,aspy with poorboy only has approximately 14 amps thru the main fuse using same accessories
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#2 12-03-2011, 02:19 PM,
I did a similar setup. I installed a six fuse panel relayed with 10 gauge wire, fused, to the battery. I used the "Accessory" power at the OEM fuse box for keyed power so when the key is off all power is cut to the fuse box. I've been running my GPS, XM Radio, cell phone charger, two extra driving lamps, and about twenty or so add on marker lamps without any issues.
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#3 12-05-2011, 06:17 AM,

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