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Stinky bike
Ok stupid question.

Just had the carbs rebuilt. The bike starts, idles and runs great. Fuel milage is around 36 mpg (us).
But this thing stinks to high heaven. It smells like an old farm truck with no emissions controls. Maybe its just because I haven't driven an older vehicle for a while. I can sometimes smell it while I am driving but while stopped at a light it is pretty bad. It is a California model and everything is hooked up as it should be. Not sure if this is normal or not. I know it isn't going to be like a vehicle with a catalytic converter and all the smog stuff but...

I was hoping that if I babied it I could get around 40 mpg, but that appears to be unlikely.

Any comments?
#1 11-13-2011, 04:15 PM,
I had an exhaust leak off of the gasket connecting the pipes, so I was sitting directly over it. My wife would comment that my clothes smelled so bad that she knew I'd been riding. so, I'm guessing you have an exhaust leak, just gotta figure out where it is. I had the gasket replace (it was a bugger, took a couple of tries to get it sealed properly), but the Stank is gone! An old wing does not need to make ya smell bad.
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#2 11-13-2011, 04:31 PM,
You know, I had to pull the exhaust pipes off and was not sure if the gaskets were even installed. Forgot to look when I put the exhaust back on. I would have thought that if they were not installed I would have heard a problem. Maybe I should go ahead and pull them off and replace them anyway. Don't want to start this thing in the garage even with the pipes at the open door, whew it stinks!
#3 11-13-2011, 04:38 PM,
A dirty air filter as well as too high float levels can sometimes cause an over rich mixture which delivers stinky exhaust smell. Too much carbon in the combustion chamber can also do the same and should be chemically cleaned with a liquid "top" cleaner.
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#4 11-15-2011, 09:05 AM,
You failed to mention what kind of ‘stink’ you smell.
If you did the carburetor rebuild, then you know the answer to this next question: was a gas additive or intake cleaner introduced into the fuel system?
Induction cleaners for automobiles will create a distinct aroma emanating from their tail pipes. After the chemical has concluded running through the induction system, the automobile should be run for at least 20 minutes to help burn the chemical off the induction system and off oxygen sensors or a check engine light may occur after the customer pays for the service and takes the vehicle, only to return, upset.
Even after the burn off time, the aroma may continue for miles, but being in a car, the operator is unaware of the ‘stink’.
So, what kind of stink is your stink?
Smell of raw gas, coolant, oil, none of the above?
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#5 11-16-2011, 03:26 PM,
It is simply combustion gases. No additives or the like. Not oil or coolant, just emissions. The carbs were professionally rebuilt. I did not do them myself. Probably just normal.
#6 11-16-2011, 08:17 PM,
If your bike does not have exhaust extensions (like mine) you might be getting some exhaust accumulating under the saddle bags/ rear fender area and finding its way to the passenger area. These fairings have a pretty good dead air space behind them and there is a slight (slight) possiblity that the exhaust fumes are getting caught up in this dead air space because of either the angle of the exhaust tips, the metal lip under the bags could contribute to this, or an exhust leak under the bike, or fumes coming up through the air filter. Make sure the air filter top is seated properly. Again, IF the mechanic used any type of carb/induction cleaner, that too will smell until it burns off.
Good Luck.

- ~O)
enjoying the view from the saddle....... due mainly to the people and information found within this site
#7 11-21-2011, 03:58 PM,

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