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Gee - what is that fluid running down the side of my bike?
I keep the old girl in the gaarge. I ride to work most days. Routine involves opening garage door and backing a car away from the door. Then I roll the bike out and start her up while I close the garage door and lock up. I get ready to hop on and see a lot of fluid (gas) running down the left side of the bike. I pull the bike back in after turning the valve off. So far after work today I have the seat/false tank/side covers and right side lower fairing removed. Tomorrow night should see the other lower fairing and air box, fuel lines and intakes off. Any bets on the problem? The bike was running fine and drove into the garage with no problem.....Hint: I just guessed on the float levels when I rebuilt the carbs about 10 months(8k miles) ago.
#1 10-26-2011, 06:08 PM,
First guess is probably not the float levels since it did fine for 10 months and that would have shown up right after you put the carbs together. Off top of my head you have a piece of grit, dirt etc sticking a needle valve open preventing the float from being able to shut the gas flow off thru that needle valve.
Word of caution here. Have seen this before on several other types of bikes and if its running down the side of the bike chances are its also running into the crankcase diluting your oil. Once you get the leaking fixed be sure to chance the oil or you could risk seizing the engine. Seen it happen more than once on other bikes. Hope it helps :d
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#2 10-27-2011, 01:59 PM,
Good idea. I will check it out. I just checked the oil level Saturday so I know exactly where it was.....
I got the left side fairing/air box and the carb assembly off tonight. No work tomorrow 'cause it's friday night football. Maybe Saturday will be good. It's expected to rain Sat/Sun/Mon so it's a good time to tear it down, Anyone know where to measure the 7mm from for the float level?
#3 10-27-2011, 06:24 PM,
Late news - but I received my gaskets and o-ring on Wednesday and fixed her up on Friday. Wifey and I went for a shake down/test ride/sight seeing/walk in downtown Melbourne/lunch 100 mile ride today and it is running great. I found 1 o-ring under an intake tube bad and a bowl gasket that looked deformed. Not much debri in the carb bowls, I cleaned her up and checked the jets (all clear) and it seems to be all good. The floats looked good - I did raise 1 a bit. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but the washer on the bowl bolts looks like about 7.5mm?
#4 11-12-2011, 05:14 PM,

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