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Gl1200I and A 84-87 Main wire harness

First thanks for any help or info given. I have a 1985 GL1200I I purchased as a project bike. I won it in a salvage auction "burn" , and after taking the ABS/fairing off, the actual burn is the main wiring harness. From inspection, the harness looks like it was rubbed open against the frame, rub a hot open, and grounded into Clutch Safety wire (Green/red stripe). NO fuses where blown, neither 7.5 nor 20 under the left pocket or any in the fuse panel. Even the Starter solenoid fuse was in tact, but the wiring harness connector going into the starter solenoid was melted . So get a new to me solenoid as well.

The question is I found several Main Harness take offs, vendors claim they fit 84-87 but I can't get a part No# verification from Honda Distro Micro Fiche's, since they are no longer available to verify. So are all the 84-87 GL1200I and A harness's the same ? I ask cause I found x2 different connectors for the GL1200 CDI, which I'm hoping I don't have to replace ..

Thanks again .
#1 10-13-2011, 12:23 PM,
Not sure about the p/n's since I'm here at work, but I will tell you my bike started life as an Interstate.
I purchased the bike back in '04, (I think), and it was damaged, (flipped by a previous owner), with no salvageable
original plastic pieces. That same day, I purchased a fairing from an Aspencade, ('85, I think), and used that
fairing wiring harness on my bike along with the entire wiring harness from the Aspencade. Well, here we are
7 years later and everything works fine, (except for my engine/carbs-not due to the harness, but rather rust), so I would say if you can find a harness from an Interstate, you should be fine.
Several vendors on eBay are very detail oriented about which bike the parts came from, so just do a little educated shopping.
PinWall cycle and others are great about telling exactly which bike they came from along with miles and other info.
I will pull up my parts fiche and see if I can get p/n's for you when I get home later tonight.
Best wishes.
Don W., Winchester, KY
#2 10-13-2011, 01:20 PM,
If you look at wiring diagrams for Aspencade and Interstate, they are different so one would think
that they would be different harnesses.
Something to ponder...
#3 10-13-2011, 01:22 PM,
I found this site a good spot for parts. Mike was very helpful to me. He has way to many parts to list so a call get him running. he has parts for all GL1100,1200' and 1500. His Site is <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> and Phone is 305-305-1839. I hope this helps. He had parts for my 84 in platy.
Bob Saint

1984 Aspencade
#4 10-13-2011, 05:16 PM,
Thanks for the replies,

After a little more searching , GL1200I and A (Non LTD or SEI) for the same year do share the same main harness, their sub and fairing harness are different. The questions a 84 Main Harness the same as 85 and 86, but I found a couple 85 GL1200I main harness's , so no big deal now straight match up.

I finally got all the fairing off and was able to inspect the complete harness. It looks like the PO did some farkle wiring, I removed all non OEM wiring and will rewire to my spec's. I was able to trace the whole main wiring harness, looks like when it shorted ( more like a Hot main wire (RED) grounded , it took out solenoid, and fried the pulse generator wires. The alternator wires and connector are fine, but the x3 blades got blackened, so we'll see if it fried the stator, will know when I get it running. If the alternator is hosed, I may do a PoorBoy Conversion and be rid of it.

So as of now, I need a Pulse Generator, Main wiring harness, Solenoid..

Thanks for the info ..
#5 10-13-2011, 10:00 PM,

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