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Fuel additive?
I've been away for a while with my work and haven't posted.

Two years or so ago I was reading a post on a performance car forum about gasoline additives.
The poster, who seemed to command a lot of respect from the other members was advocating the addition of super two cycle oil (TCW-3) at a ratio of 640:1 (1 oz : 5gals.) with every fill up. He condoned no other additives.
I am by both profesion and nature a sceptic, but I felt it could be benificial to the upper cylinder and the valve guides so I began to use it. I carried a few little bottles beside the fuel filler and added one with every fillup.

Well this last week I found I was getting coolant into # 2 cylinder so I pulled the heads off, and the carbs out. (among other things.

I have seen the inside of a lot of engines but what I found really amaized me.
The intake ports, carbs and runners were as clean as if just rebuilt. The exhaust showed very little ash or carbon build up. The float bowls were imaculate. Everything had just the slightest trace of oil on it. The cumbustion chambers and exhaust valves had no more soot than any 4 stroke but it was very soft, easily removed with a hardwood scraper from the aluminum, (except #2, it was silver brite) and a quick brushoff on the wire wheel for the exh. valves. Plug insulators were off white, and electrodes clean.

I will definately continue to use a little super two cycle oil in my fuel.
Tim Johnson
1984 GL1200I
1975 GL1000
2002 GasGas trials.
1956 Norton Dominator
#1 08-16-2011, 01:19 PM,
I just did a seach and found the original thread I got this from.

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Tim Johnson
1984 GL1200I
1975 GL1000
2002 GasGas trials.
1956 Norton Dominator
#2 08-16-2011, 01:36 PM,
It looks interesting to say the least.
Scotty P
Grafton, Ontario, Canada
1997 GL1500 SE
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#3 08-18-2011, 01:46 PM,
I was adding Lucas fuel treatment every fill up but have discovered that Gumout Fuel system cleaner 2x concentrate actually has added about 3 mpg and it only has to be added every 3,000 miles. Not sure if it does as much for the upper cylinders as Lucas but it really has made a difference in mileage!
Roy Sullivan
Bowling Green, KY

84 Aspencade

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#4 08-21-2011, 02:14 PM,

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