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mith or reality :center stand, side stand , all the same or
Sgt Dave Wrote:YES, you can pull the starter on the side or center stand.

You have to remove the shifter and drop the exhaust manifold, not the muffler (just loosen the clamp so you can rotate the manifold down and out of the way). You will also have to remove one of the exhaust manifold studs to get the starter out. It is a fairly simple proceedure...took me a little over thirty minutes with my limited mechanical skills and fumbling thumbs :d

you had a plastic guide?

what i dont understand is that: and why:

To understand why the bike must be on the side stand for this procedure, you must understand that the starter is driven by a gear in a drive chain off the starter clutch. The starter is plugged into the engine casing and engages the gear that basically hangs loose in the chain that comes down from the starter clutch. After you pull out the starter, you will notice the round hole. When you look into the hole, you will see the gear hanging in the chain in the middle of the open hole. If the bike was on the center stand, the chain would swing over and the gear would not be in the middle of the hole. Thusly, the starter will not engage the gear when you go to plug it back into the engine casing. Put the bike on the side stand and leave it there until the starter motor is back in.

**** This removal procedure applies to the 1985 (late) to 1987 GL1200 only. The 1984 and early 1985 GL1200 starter motor is different and can be removed by following the instructions given for the GL1000/1100 series. The late 1985 to 1987 starter motor is easily identified by the hump on the casing near the reduction gear case housing where it plugs into the engine.

GL1000/1100 series Confusedide stand!!!!!!!!!!!!

[b]Claymer manual: [/b]1984 and early1985 Confusedide stand, late 85, 86,87 center stand.

many thanks
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