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Swing Arm castle nut???
My 1200 Interstate is triked using the original swing arm. After a period of riding the whole system works loose, both the castle nut and the alen bolt come free causing the trike to move from left to right and letting the prop shaft touch the swing arm setup when cornering to the left.
I've been told that the early 1200 which mine is, (1984) had a problem where the frame used to crack, this would move when I tighten the swingarm assembly up by compressing it inwards, then after a short time riding it would release itself thus freeing off the castle nut then the alen bolt causing the problem.
This i'm sorry is the best way I can explain the problem, and hope from my discription someone can assess what is happening.
#1 04-27-2010, 01:21 AM,
Not having any dealings with a triked motorcycle, I am not sure that I can offer very much assistance other than following the correct procedure while tightening the pivot bolts.

The only frame cracking that I am aware of is the lower frame which might be susceptible to rusting, this might affect your problem if it is present.

Being triked it might present lateral forces on the swing arm that weren't taken into consideration in the design.

Possibly contact the makers of the system to see if they can help.

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