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Brake lines
You must have very small hands and an extreme amount of patience. I took the extra 15 minutes it takes to pull my fairing off because I thought it might be easier than doing the snaky thing but I've got large hands and didn't think I could get in there.
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#16 07-21-2007, 08:33 AM,
I know this is old, but since I was doing my lines, the search pulled it up.

It is doable without removing the fairing... But yes it's a pain. Now that I have done it, I do not reget leaving the fairing on. But the key is the one bolt.

This bolt is a dual purpose bolt, It is one of four(2 bolts, 2 screws) fasteners the "pan" on the bottom of the tree. there are 2 screws that are easy to get out. the bolts are harder. Technically, only the lower left bolt has to be removed to get the line out. If honda would have been nice and made the pan easy too get off. it looks like many jobs would be easier to to.

Anyway, remove the right hand black piece that pops off to take off the false tank(but leave the tank on). I took off the cover for the trip computer controls. Turn the weel all the way right. you should actually see the bolt head(way deep in there). slide your ratchet in with a 10 mm socket. take the bolt off.(ok small hands and a good socket wrench REALLY helps) Snake the old line out the top. I suppose you could take off both bolts and oull the pan out and pull it out the bottom, but that seemed harder and I did not try it.

When pulling it out, be careful. The back line runs over it. I had to back it out a few times to maek the right twist. Having someone to feed the line helps alot....

So if you have small hands and don't have a quick release faring(unlike some people.. Smile), you should be able to pull it off..

PS, there is a pan at the top of teh tree too, but it is small and easy to get off with 2 bolts..
#17 07-03-2010, 09:59 AM,

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