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After market cruise control Installation
This article was submitted by one of our members, I am not sure who but if the person makes contact I shall edit the post and add his name.
I am not sure what make the Cruise Control is.

This is how I did my installation and it works great.

The servo canister is located in the area behind the right rear shock tower. I use the upper-forward bolt holding the right saddle bag for mounting. The servo bracket fits in-between the saddle bag side and the attachment point on the crash cage. There is about 1" clearance between the rear wheel and the servo. Thread the cable of the servo forward above the right shock tower attachment point, under the seat bracket located in the middle of the bike, down in-between the frame / tank opening by the crack-case breather tube, and then toward the #3 carb linkage.

From the supplied mounting brackets I bent up a bracket to hold the servo cable just below the throttle spring. This bracket is attached to the forward bolt which holds the fuel pump in place.

Nice and clean installation without any sharp bends. The down side is the servo is located in an area where it could get a lot of road grim. So I recommend sealing the wire leading into the servo with silicon after finial setup and road testing.

The vacuum canister is located under the center trunk body. There is plenty of room to mount it to the frame using tie-wrap connectors. I put the vacuum check valve at the Tee connector which splits the vacuum from the carb to the ignition module. This increases the total volume of the vacuum reservoir.

The picture of the servo installed shows in on the left side of the bike. This was a bad installation because the brake line/caliper hit the servo and drove it into the tire. Luckily there was minimal damage to the servo and no damage to me or the bike.
To attach the servo end to the carb, I used one of the supplied brackets. It is a flat piece that has three "hooks" on one end and a rounded end with a hole on the other end of the piece. This is visible in the last picture. I remove the small cotter pin that holds the throttle linkage to the #3 carb, replace a washer with this connector. I opened up the hooks so that I could thread the servo cable through them. The ball connector on the servo cable is past the inner most hook. This allows the cable to slide on the connector plate when you advance the throttle. The ball will engage the connector when the cruise is on. The throttle return spring keeps tension on the system. YOU MUST VERIFY THAT THE CABLE WILL SLIDE ON THE CONNECTOR WITHOUT BINDING BEFORE YOU RIDE YOUR BIKE AFTER THE INSTALLATION. IF IT DOES NOT SLIDE, FLIP THE CONNECTOR OVER SO THAT YOU HAVE FREE MOTION OF THE THROTTLE WHEN IT IS ADVANCED. The last picture shows the ball capture in between the two inner hooks. This caused the cable to flex. I never had an issue with it, but I did not like the idea of the cable potentially loop over something and getting snagged.

I have been using this setup for two seasons and I have not had any problems.


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