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I have a bad horn which does not make much noise and would like to know if I can use two car horns. This is on a 1985 GL1200A
#1 05-01-2007, 05:55 AM,
Any 12 volt horn will work just fine. I like the ones off older Buicks. They scream, "GET OUT OF MY WAY!" :wink:
#2 05-01-2007, 09:16 AM,
That is the one I was thinking about, Brother has old Buick. Scares the hell out of ya inside the car.
Thanks for the reply
#3 05-01-2007, 09:22 AM,
My son had a Rivera for a while. He loved to sneak up on folks on the interstate and give them a blast.
#4 05-01-2007, 10:43 AM,
If you use car horns, (I did also), use a relay and do not hook the horns up directly to the OEM horn wiring. Connect the relay to the OEM horn circuit, and the horns to the battery with a fuse (10 amp mini fuse). I know this because on my Gold Wing, the internal horn button got hot and had a small melt-down. I had a hard time finding another internal horn button. Finally found one at a salvage yard for motorcycles.
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#5 05-12-2007, 07:51 AM,
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I have one of these mounted on my 1200 and am considering adding a 2nd.
1985 GL1200 Aspencade
#6 05-28-2007, 05:15 AM,
sundance Wrote:Any 12 volt horn will work just fine. I like the ones off older Buick's. They scream, "GET OUT OF MY WAY!" :wink:

hey Bill,
when you say, "older Buick" what constitutes "older"?
I'm looking to put something on here that's loud!
#7 06-07-2007, 05:30 PM,
I have the same problem. My horn won't work after I've been in stop and go traffic and the bike is good and hot. It just doesn't seem to get enough juice. The bike is stock. I'd rather get to the source of the problem than change. I've cleaned every connecortor I could find. I've got good charge. Could it be that the charge is reduced so much in stop and go traffic that it just won't supply enough to the horns? I turn the bike off and come back 1/2 hour later and they work fine!

#8 06-13-2007, 06:24 PM,
ronsena Wrote:
I have one of these mounted on my 1200 and am considering adding a 2nd.


Is this compact enough to fit in where the stock horn fits under the lower fairing?
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#9 06-13-2007, 08:09 PM,
Yes they will fit. I went to local junk yard and found a smaller set. Sounds nice and also much louder.
#10 06-28-2007, 06:00 AM,
Would it work to use a air horn.
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#11 06-28-2007, 07:33 PM,

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