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Right bank of cylinders don't return to idle.
I've owned my 86 Aspencade for a few months now. When warm, it has always
shifted poorly, really crunching the gears. Clutch is fine, bled. I concluded that revs don't drop quickly enough when I shift slow. If I shift fast, I can usually shift cleanly. Okay, so I've synched my carbs twice. I synch the carbs and the idle is nice and low, about 900 rpm. If I then blip the throttle, the revs stick 1000 or so rpm higher. I noticed that if I grab the linkage on the right carb bank and rotate them counter-clockwise, the idle drops back and all four cylinders once again have even levels on my mercury gauges. So I am concluding that the right bank is sticking. That approach on the left side doesn't do anything. The left-side carbs don't look particularly dirty or notchy or anything. Is this a known issue with Goldwings, such that I will need to plan to buy new parts, or do I really just need to remove the carbs and clean them properly? It doesn't seem like it is a dirt issue, but I have no clue really.
(It is winter, it is too big for my shed, days are short, warm hours in the day are even shorter, I work slowly, and so on. So if it is going to be a new-parts job, I will definitely wait and plan.)
I mainly just want to know if it is a known issue.

#1 01-19-2009, 08:37 PM,
During the off season would be a good time to remove and lube all three of the throttle cables... Be sure to follow the manual very closely when putting them back on... You need to have the right amount of tension on the throttle return cable... Also the cruise control needs to have the two "pull" cables adjusted correctly in order to function well...
I just bit the bullet and replaced all the cables (choke too) with new ones... I have been very happy with the end result...
Ed Zogg
#2 01-20-2009, 10:41 PM,

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