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Carb problem?
I have an 86 Interstate. When I drove it home about a month and a half ago it ran fine except for the charging system. Since then I have done the Poorboy mod and removed about 30 yards of wiring from the bike (the PO removed the factory stereo from under the seat but left the CB, a marine radio and intercom wired in). Now when I try to start the bike I'm only getting fire on the right side of the bike the other two are not firing. I do have spark on all 4 plugs. The fuel was getting low when I parked it, but I did put about a gallon of fresh gas in along with some Seafoam. She sounded like she wanted to run last time I turned her over but wouldn't stay at idol (only one side firing). Is ther anything else I should try before pulling the carbs to clean them out?
#1 12-13-2008, 05:14 AM,
Me and my fat fingers. The left side is firing the right side will not fire. Since I've had the bike it has been in the shop on the center stand, puddles would be in both bowls. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't something simple I overlooked that would cause it to fire on just one side before I pulled carbs.
#2 12-13-2008, 11:04 AM,
It is kinda hard to get to to check, but it could be just a wiring issue... I had one of the coil connections that was not on the spade terminal correctly... When I would accelerate fast or hit a good size bump, one side would quit firing...

Your issue could be similiar or maybe something prior to that coil (possibly a pulse coil issue)... You check for power to the right side coil easy enough... Look down in front of the false gas tank just to the right of the steering tube... Mine is a yellow wire that plugs into that side coil (yours maybe too)...
Ed Zogg
#3 12-13-2008, 11:47 AM,
One coil fires #1 and #2 spark plugs. The other, #3 and #4. A bad coil/pickup would affect the front two cylinders, or the rear two. Not left or right banks. Since you said you have spark on all four, I'd stop looking for an ignition issue. Remove the sync port screws on the intake runners, and spray carb cleaner with the engine running. If the cylinder picks up, you have a fuel supply issue. If not, run a compression test on all cylinders. It's possible you have popped a headgasket and compression is blowing back and forth between the cylinders.
How did you diagnose the problem to verify it was only the right bank?
#4 12-13-2008, 01:05 PM,
glhonda Wrote:How did you diagnose the problem to verify it was only the right bank?

I ran it for a little and felt for heat on the pipes. No heat = Not firing.
Pulled the plugs, left side not great but could tell it had been firing, right side fouled plugs. I had just replaced the plugs soit was fairly easy to see they weren't firing.

I had already checked power to the coils and was suprised to find 11.86v on each coil (battery full charged at 12.13v).

I'll try the compression tester later, tonight I went out and it is 23* F with the oil burner going. -2F air temp. To flippin cold to be wrenching.
Compression could make sence (probably why I hadn't thought of it).
#5 12-13-2008, 07:45 PM,

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