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Upgrated to Mechanical Bi-Xenon
Hello, as some of you may know, i was installed a Xenon bulb but it was only the low beam. it has a cheap halogen bulb for the high beam that was useless.
the old bulb:

[Image: 1001360su0.jpg]
[Image: 1001361fm3.jpg]

the center bulb is the low beam xenon, and the smaller one is halogen. very poor and yellow.

the new bulb is a little bigger, but smaller than those they used to sell when i first bought xenon.

[Image: 1001362oy3.jpg]
[Image: 1001363hr9.jpg]
[Image: 1001365uh5.jpg]

this bulb can be used on other applications as the socket can be changed to fit others.

[Image: 1001366zt8.jpg]
[Image: 1001367vk3.jpg]

the mechanical bulb is about 1.5 cms bigger than the other.
[Image: 1001368ng8.jpg]

this is the hi/low beam controller. this kit is still a plug and play. but you have to wire the main power directly to the battery (doesn't need to be a switched source) and the grounds to ground. unlike the other that just plugged to the H4 connector and you were ready to go. this one you dont need to cut anything but ground and stuff..
(this is for two bulbs. you can discard a set of connectors for the other balaster/bulbs, kids made for motorcycles wont have this issue. you can just cut them)

[Image: 1001371iz8.jpg]
[Image: 1001374pr5.jpg]
[Image: copyof1001373ah7.jpg]

the bulb on the headlamp assembly.

[Image: 1001388nh8.jpg]
[Image: 1001391ld4.jpg]
[Image: 1001391lu7.jpg]

connected and ready to bolt up. the pink thing is the ballast, used some plastic wrap to protect it. routed the wires using the aim cable hole. note that there are smaller ballasts out there, i used my old one, i only bought the bulb and control module.

[Image: 1001395tj9.jpg]

[Image: 1001396xg3.jpg]
[Image: 1001397wl0.jpg]

all the wires to the control module were routed just like the aim cable to and it was installed inside the fairing, i pulled the H4 connector inside the fairing to give the bulb more room.

the light is great, i mean it was great before. but now with a higher beam it really helps a lot. this time i used 6000K bulb so no more blue tint on the light but it stills looks very nice. no modifications to the fairing had to be done. the bulb fits perfectly.

i hope this pictures help for those who are wondering about xenon.
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#1 08-13-2008, 10:13 PM,
Thanks William. I like the idea of HID but wanted a better high beam than a halogen. Sounds like the mechanical might be the trick. I now have to decide to use HID or a standard bulb and a modulator for day use. Hmmmm. :? I am looking at changing my driving lights to some 4" 35w HID lights. I guess I'll change those first and then decide what to do with the headlight. :wink:
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#2 08-16-2008, 04:01 PM,
i wanted to see the real current consumption of the HID xenon and hooked up some of my tools to do the measurements, heres the results:

2 mins after starting: 3.32~3.34

[Image: 1001455aj4.jpg]
[Image: 1001456zk0.jpg]

at 12V
[Image: 1001454ue6.jpg]

around 40 Watts, the ballast says 35 watts. but it is still les than the stock 55/60 watt bulb.

one thing to know: when you first start the xenon it will drain up to 8.59 Amps and will drop down quicky to 6 and then 5, and then slowly to 3.32, the multimeter at the battery dropped to 8 volts just for 3 seconds when the amps were at its max. then went back to normal, the battery was fully charged and off the bike.

i recorded a video that will be soon on youtube.

watch for the blown fuses :p mine when i first installed the xenon it blowed the 10 amp fuse and installed a 15 and never had a problem again.

[size=150]Youtube video, click here[/size]
85' GL 1200 Interstate - My Picture Thread
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#3 08-18-2008, 05:31 PM,

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