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Disassembly and Cleaning Kill Switch
My Kill Switch was starting to cause problems. I could just touch the kill switch and the bike would die so I decided to clean the contacts and took some pictures to show what is involved.

You don't want to do this in a gravel driveway in fact you should probably sweep your garage floor around your bike before you begin. There are a few screws that can be easily dropped during reassembly.

First you need to open the switch cluster on the right handlebar by removing the three screws that hold it together.

[Image: killswitch1.jpg]

This is the underside of the switch, the two screws that you can see plus another at the bottom right

After opening the switch cluster this is what you will see.

[Image: killswitch2.jpg]

This is looking up into the top half of the cluster. You need to remove the two electrical connection screws but leave the wire retaining bracket.

After these screws are removed the actual rotating switch will slide out of the top.

[Image: killswitch3.jpg]

You need to remove the small circlip from the center shaft.

After the clip is removed you can separate the two halfs of the switch.

[Image: killswitch4.jpg]

There are three springs in the switch, one under the small silver ball and two under the gold colored contact.

I used 600 grit emery paper to clean the two contact points on the right and to clean the gold colored contact over the springs.

[Image: killswitch5.jpg]

Ok after the contacts have been cleaned just reassemble the switch and reinstall the circlip (It seems to install on the shaft easier if the switch is turned to one of the off positions)

Place the switch into the top half of the cluster and with patience reinstall the two electrical connections.

Close the two halfs and reinstall the three screws from the bottom and you are all done.

Start to Finish took about 30 minutes and is easier than I expected.
#1 07-24-2008, 10:15 PM,
An Excellent "How To" post!!!!!! Well done and thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

Have 2 AttaBoy's!!!! :mrgreen:
1985 Limited Edition
#2 07-24-2008, 10:23 PM,
Great post.
Did you use any grease or lube?
Did you have to stretch the springs slightly or maybe pry the
ears slightly on the gold colored smile shaped piece, or was
the tension good?
By the way, how many of those little itty bitty parts did you have to
look on the floor for? Big Grin
#3 08-23-2008, 10:47 AM,
excellent pictures mate, thanks for sharing i wish i had a good camera when i did the same to my hazard switch
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#4 09-01-2008, 11:01 PM,

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