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Fuel pump
My fuel pump sometimes won't run until I tap on the end. Can the end cap covering the contacts be removed or the pump rebuilt? Should I just be shopping for a new pump?
#1 06-18-2008, 05:37 AM,
Working intermintly like that I'd say it's time for a new pump. Expensive, but cheaper that breaking down alongside the road!
1985 Limited Edition
#2 06-18-2008, 03:49 PM,
I'm searching for one now. OEM's (16700-MG9-771) run $116.00 to $199.00 from what I found. Some of the other posts dealing with this issue discuss replacing with an automotive type. I'm currently thinking about using a "Balkamp" BK-610-1051 from NAPA. It lists capacity of 34 GPH, and pressure that runs from 3 to 4.5 PSI. It's seems on the high end from what others are saying, or recommending 2.0 to 2.4 PSI???
Maybe some of the others here have an opinion...
#3 09-27-2009, 06:16 PM,
I've not heard of an OEM replacement for the fuel pump for the carb'd 1200's yet. It's a different Beast from the fuel injected version in that it work's on a pulse from the coils I believe, (Mike, step in anytime and correct me!! :mrgreen: ). I've allway's wondered if an in-line "T" that manualy reduces the pressure and vents back to the tank or the infeed to the fuel pump would work?
1985 Limited Edition
#4 09-27-2009, 07:25 PM,
I just took a pump off one of my 84 Standards that was off a Toyota of some kind the PO told me. Toyota, Honda & Nissan all had low pressure pumps on some of their carbed cars & trucks that could be made to work.
#5 09-27-2009, 10:09 PM,
Don, was the "hot wire"to the pump stock or feeding off the accessory?
1985 Limited Edition
#6 09-28-2009, 12:38 AM,
It was wired to the stock wiring. He had taken the stock plug off the bad pump & put it on the new pump. It was still working, I replaced because I had a orignal pump. I still have it.

#7 09-28-2009, 06:09 AM,
Anyway that you supply the correct PSI and volume of fuel to the carbs will work... The carbs have no way of knowing the source of the fuel delivery... As long as the pressure and volume are within the OEM specs, there will be no performance issue what so ever...
As for the powering of the pump goes, Honda most likely chose to use the coils as a source for safety reasons (preventing fuel flow in the event of a wreck)... For replacement pumps power I would use what ever the manufacturer (of the pump) recommends (pulsed or constant 12 volts)... A replacement type that I was looking into was a barrel design that appeared as it would fit nicely right where the fuel filter is mounted... An inline fuel filter could be placed just after the pump and just before the carbs...
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Ed Zogg
#8 09-29-2009, 08:52 AM,
Didn't know power was thru the coils, that makes sense I guess. Anyway to test relay on there. Later.
#9 12-01-2011, 10:27 AM,

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