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85 1200 limited radio
I have type 3 radio and every thing works except for the FM and Tape deck.

When I use the tune switch on the handle bar for FM, the radio searches but never finds a station
and no noise from radio. Presets work but no output to speaker's.

The tape deck just runs the tape and no output.

Any one had this problem?

Thanks in advance

#1 04-24-2008, 03:17 PM,
Welcome to the site Dick, you will find lots of experts to help on your questions. On your radio, maybe the button is pushed in to make it play through the head sets? It is the 2nd round button from the left, have the radio on and push that button in to see if this will fix your troubles. If that dont help, some of the experts will have to chime in.
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#2 04-24-2008, 03:51 PM,
Welcome to the Site!!

Looking from left to right on the face of the radio the first button says "Push Radio/Tape" which switches the radio from radio to tape function and also is the on/off/volume control. The next is smaller and is the mute level which controls how loud the radio is when you hit the mute button. The next is "Push SP/HS" which is the one Pappy's talking about. It has 2 functions. Pushing it switches the radio from the external bike speakers to the headsets in your's and the passengers helmets and back. It is also the master volume for the rider/passenger intercom system. Push it and see what happens!!

Also check the mute button located above the tuning switch on the left handlebar. Make sure it's out!! As far as tuning to a station, Try to set the radio to the frequency of a local station by tapping the tuning switch up or down. I don't get very good reception on mine and you might not either if it wasn't fixed by Honda when the service bulliten came out in '86.

Good luck!!!!
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#3 04-24-2008, 05:14 PM,
Hello everyone and thank you for the warm welcome.

Every thing works on the radio except the FM and Tape Deck.

All the buttons are in the right place.

Could some one tell me where I can find the Service Bulliten for FM reception.

FM reception would not explain the tape deck problem.

When I use the tune button on the handle bar the radio try's to find a station but never finds one
and will keep searching for ever untill switch off the FM.

It will tune ok on the AM band.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


#4 04-24-2008, 06:57 PM,
Could it be a problem with your FM antenae connection ? I think FM absolutely needs the antanae, if you unhook the antanae from your home stereo, it does the same thing and keeps searching without finding a station. I just had the fairing of my 85 LTD apart and there is one connection for the antanae under the seat (I can e-mail you a picture as my bike is still partially apart) and this connects to a small silver junction box that is located in behind the CB radio (actually attached to the back of the CB with four little screws). If that doesn't work, you could also take a bright light and look at the contacts at the back where your stereo slide in. Mine had an intermittent cut out (those are tough to find) because one of the contacts was slightly bent flat which prevented good contact. It was a pain to pull out to fix it, but it now works great except for tape deck and I've ordered a belt to try and repair the cassette deck. Alot of people have had problems with those tiny 30 year old rubber drive belts, and some have mailed the entire unit to be repaired or some have suggested buying the $1.10 belt and replacing it yourself.
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#5 06-10-2008, 07:36 PM,

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