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New 416 shocks
So I'm in the process of installing my new progressive 416 shocks and I have a few questions for those of you that have these. First the top of the shock doesn't go all the way back to the frame. It just sits flush with the front of the bracket leaving a gap between the frame the top side of the shock. Will this cause any issues? Second I noticed that after I got these in the center stand no longer moves the rear tire completely off the floor it does bring it up some but the wheel will no longer spin. My third and final question ( sorry for so many) is do they come with any pressure in them in the box I attached all the fittings to the shocks and tried to check the psi and there is no reading at all, and is it OK to use a really small air compressor to pump them up or does this have to be dome by a hand pump....thanks I'm advance and keep the shiny side up!!!

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#1 10-11-2013, 10:02 PM,
the progressive are slightly longer than the stock shocks so its not unusual that the tire is not as far off the ground,and yes you'll have to use a small hand pump such as this

would have to see a picture about the shock not being flush with the frame,the rubber bushing should be though
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#2 10-11-2013, 10:33 PM,
Hi cwalters2002 - after installing 416's on our Aspy I find I only need to add enough air to them to re-set the ride height depending on people and stuff load. Solo rider and empty bags is nearly 0 psi's. Harley-Davidson sells a good hand pump for suspensions.

#3 10-12-2013, 04:14 AM,
Possibly also contributing to the lack of ground clearance could be worn stops on the center stand. I removed my stand and filled in with weld where the stand hits the frame, also I welded a 1/8" pad on the feet of the stand.
When I transferred my Progressives onto my new to me 85 the stand angle was way out and with the rear wheel touching the ground it took two of us to get the bike OFF the stand let alone getting it on.
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#4 10-12-2013, 05:39 AM,
Smart idea with the pads on the stand. I think that I'll be doing the same to my bike as I tend to drag my bike around on the center stand when I position it in my garage. Did you remove the stand to weld it up or did you do it all while on the frame?
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#5 10-12-2013, 09:19 AM,
I removed the stand in order to build up the places where it was worn but welding the pads on the feet I did while it was on the bike.
The only stupid questions are the one's that are not asked.

#6 10-12-2013, 03:56 PM,
Did you make the pads larger or the same size?
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#7 10-12-2013, 04:20 PM,

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