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1200 ltd main fuel filter

This LTD filter thing was already discussed HERE on our site last year.

Last year, the issues of threaded end connectors of the LTD (SEI) and also PRESSURE inside the the filter came up.

Now then, from my very long personal research chemistry laboratory experiences (first learned in the 1960s at the U of Alberta, Edmonton :d ) a well tightened hose clamp between heavy rubber, high pressure hosing and glass tubing can readily withstand pressures in excess of 50-60 PSI (commonly used in a hydrogenation apparatus). But as you get into the 100s of PSIs you MUST use threaded couplings (and don't forget to use Teflon tape for sealing). My guess is that to be on the safe side, long ago 1980s Honda engineers decided to put in threaded filter end couplings for fuel systems operating above the pressures produced by gravity under a ... let's say ... one meter column of fuel.

At the end of the day, what counts is SAFETY = NO FUEL LEAKS = NO FIRES. So from the safety point of view, I look at what insurance costs, and $45 (cost of a Ltd/SEI, OEM filter ... click on $ links above) for several years of "fire insurance" is very cheap. On the other hand, if a LOT of LTD and/or SEI owners replaced the fuel hosing and were able to replace the OEM filter with the common straight nipple filter PLUS tight fitting hose clamps (beware of over tightening the clamps and cutting through the fuel line!!!) then O.K. ... save the extra $40.

Be safe, then have a HAPPY NEW YEAR.
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