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installation a dual oil compression senser and oil switch
is someone have done this :

install a T a the switch oil pressure and put a oil senser to a gauge (mechanical or best a electric and the pressure switch at he other end:

IT IS 1/8 BPS= .5mm les in diameter than 1/8 NPT maybe order a $10 T 1/8 BPS that i

will have only in 2 to 3 weeks.....the seller told me because special order

i did buy another npt T .......dont fit.:?

i dont know how you install the T without damage the tread.........

i dont want to scrap the engine bloc:watching:k........... and with electric sender with the


and the switch at each end of the T does it clear the block? the sender is not small

like the switch and the block is not FLAT near the hole. dont know when the T is install

what clearance there is.

maybe with a mechanical with tube..........

and there are 2 rubber hoses with cord shield that connect to a device at 1/2 of the hole........

i would like to see a picture of a electric and/or mechanical gauge...before i buy the

gauge.and the $10 T because i am not sure that the store will it take all that back.

mechanical =$26 electric: $95

have hard time to figure how all ends up.

if it is too difficult to put picture here:

my e-mail is <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->

i i have to do all this before getting bike out of the house not the garage.

so i dont want to lost 3 weeks of biking.

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