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Won't Start
I had the lower fairing off last night ( left side when sitting on the bike ) including the lowest black cover that installs underneath the storage pocket and sort of encloses the carb area. It has two little tabs on the front of it that are supposed to slip into two little vertical slots that have a rubber grommets in them. These are on the far side of the horn. In any event I had trouble getting those tabs to insert into the slots and was shoving this black plastic housing ( carb shroud ? ) around trying to get them to fit.

This morning I tried to start the bike and no fire. Now the battery sounds pretty low too and I will charge it up but my question is this,
Before I go tearing the fairing apart again, is there any wiring at the front of the engine in the area where I was trying to insert these carb shroud tabs that I might have disturbed. Could I have knocked off a distributor, ignitor or whatever wire that might make the bike fire ?

It could just be the battery but if there is something in that vicinity that I could have damaged I might do well to have a look, but if there is really nothing there then I won;t take it all apart.

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