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I can't find my low beam.
When I bought "Brown Honey" the PO told me that the low beam on the headlight was inoperable when he had purchased the bike and that he ran the bike using the high beam and the driving lights. He said it was no big deal to him because he did not ride at night. I decided to fix the problem and removed the bulb earlier this evening. The bulb is marked "Candlepower H4 12V 60/55W"

There are no other markings or brands on the bulb. It appears to be in perfect shape. No discolorations, broken filaments, etc. The bulb appears to work fine, but only when the light switch is set to high beam.

Am I missing something?

Is there a high and a low beam setting in this bulb or does it have only one setting?

Is this bulb solely responsible for low and high beam lighting on a 1985 Aspy?

Again, I don't notice any lighting deficiencies while riding at night, however, I don't want to get ticketed for riding w/ highs on constantly. I would also add that when the headlight is on it does not seem to be as bright as you would expect a high beam light to be.

Anyone familiar with this bulb?

Is there another bulb somewhere in my headlight assembly that I overlooked?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

wingin' it
A "wing and a prayer" is more than sufficient for me.
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