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Which circuit shall I use?
I have lotsa lights, heated handgrips, and an "electric center stand" as I posted earlier. All of these use the same circuit, although when the center stand is activated, it uses a relay to cut the circuit to the running lights. (They move a little faster that way if they happen to be turned on.)

BUT... all of these things are on the "radio" circuit, which is definitely wrong. (Don't blame me, a previous owner did it.) Those electric legs take a lot of current, and my radio speakers make a distinct "pop" when they move, even if the radio is turned off. I've burned a few fuses too. That circuit has a 10 amp fuse.

I assume if I ran right off the battery it would be better for the radio, but it should be switched by the key of course.

I want to switch to a different circuit, but which circuit should I be using to power all this stuff?

Also, would adding a capacitor to the circuit help my radio from making popping noises when I activate the motors for the stand? If so, what's a good cap to use?
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