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Engine noise coupled to speakers
I am posting this thread in the audio section because it manifests itself in speaker noise.

Early this riding season, sometimes I would get some noise coupled into the audio system that could be heard over the speakers...sounds like white noise that mimics engine rpm. It is electrical in nature because when there is a draw on the battery (brakes on, turn signal), the noise decreases. With the turn signal on, the noise pulsed in time with the flash.

This issue seemed to be more likely to happen when it was cold outside. However, I don't recall the noise stopping when the engine got warm. Seems like once it starts, it doesn't stop until the bike gets re-started...maybe.

Anyways, pretty sure it is not the head unit since I turned it off and would still get the noise. Once the weather got warm the issue seems to have stopped, but it popped up again last week and then went away.

The sound system is stock except for replacement speakers.

Possible causes:
1. Bad ground
2. Alternator getting ready to fail - I have replaced the yellow wire connector but still have the original alternator.


- Pete
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