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Well after all these years it happened
(08-04-2015, 12:44 PM)mtnsurgtech Wrote: On the 1st of August I was involved in a bike vs car accident. Of course he won. I was driving up 441 and saw an elderly gentleman coming to the edge of the road. (441 is two lanes both ways with a median). It looked like he was going to cross and head South. He looked at me and stopped his forward movement. To be safe I moved left into the fast lane. As I did he pulled directly out in front of me. I didn't even have time to lay the bike down. The Highway Patrol Officer said there was only five or six feet of skid marks from my bike. I hit the drivers side just behind the tire well. I was going 55/60. The handlebars whipped hard to the left and I am assuming my hold on the left bar bent it because it ended up pointing straight back to the rear of the bike. It gored my left side at a point midway between my ribs and waist. The hole went all the way to my groin. I then went thru the bike windshield, over the hood of the car onto the pavement on the other side. I was actually able to get up and walk back to where the bike was entangled with the car before I fell down again. Some good things: Not one broken bone and I don't know how that is, the handlebars stopped less than a centimeter from my iliac artery according to my surgeon (I would have bleed to death in minutes), no loss of conciousness (sp), Some of the bad things: I have a huge hole that has to heal, I have numerous bruises and abrasions that have to heal. My helmet pushed down onto my clavicle which is badly bruised. The bike was totaled. Tire pushed back and under the engine, most of the front plastic is cracked and shattered. The mounts on the faux tank were ripped off and on and on.
I am lucky to be alive little lone with just the injuries I have. If I had been riding with my wife she would have pushed me forward and that artery would have been ripped. God only knows what would have happened to her. Something was watching over me that day. I loved that bike and it took me all way from NC to Northern Idaho and back last year no problem. I will dearly miss her. I have always considered myself to be a good rider. I did everything right that day. I watched the car, saw him stop his forward movement, moved another lane away to give me more room and it still happened without anything I could do. I didn't even have time to lay her down which I would have had I had the time. I have been riding since I was 12 years old and this is the first real accident I have ever had. It will be the last. I won't get back on a bike again I know that. The other driver was an elderly man and he took that away from me and for that I am pissed but I know I would never feel safe with my wife on the bike and if I can't ride with her there is no point in riding.
This forum has always been a great place for me to get help and ideas for my old wing and for that I thank you all. Ride safe my friends and always kiss your wives goodbye cause you never know.

Praise God that you came out of that alive & even better mostly on you feet. The bike can be repaired or replaced but you can't. Cheers Angela.
Angela(fysty-1) & Dani
Surrey, B.C., Canada
'85 Honda GL 1200 (fully dressed) I. (sold)
pres. 95 Virago 1100
"No matter how blue life may get always remember that there's a rainbow in the sky."
"Grab life by the handlbars an hang on."

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