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Starter Removal
I removed my starter a while back and I don't recall needing to remove an exhaust stud.
I do recall having to work a bit longer to get the starter out but I think it is a good alternative to removing the stud.
Of course, if memory has served me wrong, the stud will need to come out and as mentioned, the double nut trick will work on all studs.

My work-around for my starter not turning fast enough to engage when the engine is hot was to hold the throttle wide open before hitting the starter button. She would fire up each time, no problems. Of course, close the throttle once the engine starts.

What I found when I did get my starter out was minimal carbon dust from the brushes (with over 100,000 miles on the bike), but the real culprit was in the gear planetarium. The original grease was hard like drying Play-Doe.
Once cleaned of dust and Doe, I repacked the gears with grease and did a bench test.
Since I didn't sufficiently tie down the starter, when I touched power to it, the body did a reverse spin opposite the innards spin.

Trouble free for 40,000 + miles.

BTW - while you have the starter off, as mentioned, the shift lever needed to be removed as well. Check for oil leaking from the shift lever shaft oil seal. Now would be an excellent time to replace that oil seal.
Honda p/n 91206-286-013 OIL SEAL (14X28X7) and is identified on the Cylinder Block parts diagram, item #35.

Ride On.
enjoying the view from the saddle....... due mainly to the people and information found within this site
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