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Re-assembly questions
(06-22-2014, 06:49 PM)pstelter Wrote: Ok...based on the detailed description on the Randakk website, I was able to identify what O-ring goes with what application AND I was able to determine what the mystery O-ring was...turns out it was for the float bowl drain. Funny thing was I don't remember removing an O-ring from there. Hmmm...

So now the question do I put this stuff back together? Should I mount one carb of a pair (i.e., 2 or 4) on the plenum and then connect the other to it? Or do I continue to try and connect the pair together and then connect both to the plenum?

Thanks for all your help thus far.

- Pete

I just completed my carb rebuild project a couple weeks ago. As always, I photo everything I do before I disassemble anything. So here's a photo of carburetor assembly 2 & 4. I also used a sharpie marker and numbered each carburetor on every side so I'd always know which one was which. So, the bowl vent tube has the short side to #4. The slow air tube has the long side to #4. The fuel pipe doesn't matter. I hope this helps.

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