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Cant Hear CB Radio Thru Speakers - Cimmeron - 04-12-2013

Ok, just bought another 86 aspencade, i have a cb radio, not a aftermarket one, is one of the honda ones , turns on, no buttons stick, just when i turn it on, i hear nothing, now, my questen is this, do i need the headsets to hear it or should i be able to hear it threw the mounted speakers? is there a button im overlooking that would turn the radio off and turn the cb on? i hear the radio just fine. thanks in advance for any replies.Dodgy

RE: Cant Hear CB Radio Threw Speakers - neoracer - 04-13-2013

the cb should work thru the speakers,you probably have the squelch turned up too high, but there is a volume control that may be turned down too far too

remember that you are only going to be able to hear one output at a time(radio or cb) and in order to use the cb you are gonna probably have to buy a headset with a boom mike that gets attached to the mc

usually the cb's are hard to hear on the road unless you are going slower and then still requires some newer speakers,since your originals by now are shot

RE: Can't Hear CB Radio Through Speakers - bs175dths - 04-16-2013

admins - is it possible to correct the spelling of the title to this thread?
it sounds like (pardon the pun) he can't hear the CB or radio, became frustrated and threw his speakers.......


(OCD working overtime)