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New Gold Wing model... - pstelter - 11-14-2012

Has anyone seen the new Gold Wing F6B? I'm intrigued by the Street Glide / Cross Country look with the bullet-proof Honda reliability. I wonder if they tuned the engine to give it more of a V-twin feel.

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Whether you like it or not (and I'm not sold on it), I like the fact that it appears Honda is moving away from the faux-chopper style (i.e., the Fury & 1300 Custom line). Since they dropped the VTX line, I have not been happy with their model selection.

Also, for those who like the old-school look, they also brought back the CB1100 - complete with flared 4-into-1 exhaust.

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Re: New Gold Wing model... - Keener - 11-14-2012

I like the CB1100. The other, not so much.

Re: New Gold Wing model... - wingandaprayer - 11-15-2012

Honda has been bringing lots of interesting bikes to market of late - CBR250 (fuel injections, ABS, $5000), and a sweet 250 legal-for-the-road trail bike, a group of 500's, the NC700 models - this new FB6 1800 on weight watchers would be a great bike...

And Ian that CB1100 does look just nice doesn't it? Lots of design cues from Honda History...

And check out the Kawasaki Ninja 300 - fuel injection, ABS...

And the new Moto Guzzi California 1400...

And the new BMW powered Bimota - introduced at the Milan motocycle show, that features an "80 styled rectangular headlight..." hey...wait a minute...

Our classic Wings feature an 80's style headlight...

Re: New Gold Wing model... - KnoxSwift - 11-15-2012

I wasn't thrilled by the change. The Goldwing is a 2 person touring. I'm thinking the passenger isn't going to be up for 600 miles on the back of this. BUT...I'll reserve criticism until I get to sit on it somewhere...I still think I might like the Concourse better than even this new Goldwing.
I still love my 1200 so not moving to buy anything yet...

Re: New Gold Wing model... - admin - 11-15-2012

That F6B kind of looks like a Harley with 4 extra cylinders.

Re: New Gold Wing model... - Frank - 11-16-2012

This is one of the few new models that I really like. It's not really made to be a two up cruiser that's what the wing is for. For a guy like me who likes to do a mixture of cruising and canyon carving it looks perfect. I really like the looks of it

Re: New Gold Wing model... - sundance - 11-16-2012

Sort of feels like a replacement for the Rune.

Re: New Gold Wing model... - garyft - 11-16-2012

It makes me think of a beefier ST1300 with a more relaxed riding position. I'd put somewhere between a sport tourer and cruising tourer. It's like a cross between the ST1300 and a Harley street glide. It's not my style, I don't like the taillights on the 2012 and newer wings at all and I like having the trunk both for storage and passenger comfort, but this is definitely an interesting bike.

Re: New Gold Wing model... - neoracer - 11-16-2012

i like it although i wouldn't trade my 1200 for one,but i like the styling of it for a cruiser

Re: New Gold Wing model... - 85GL1200I - 11-16-2012

C'mon Earl, you still have room in the garage for one more don't ya????? :lol:

I like it, as soon as I get 3 kids through college and pay off the ranch I'll have one....... :twisted: