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Throttle valve cleaning 1986 SEi - Frank - 10-14-2012

I've been trying my best to use the search function so I don't have to keep asking a question that I'm sure has been answered a dozen times before. I haven't figured out how to get it to take a multi-word search?

There are many maintenance items that I'm sure need addressed on this old bike so I've been trying to plow through them all. I'd like to do a complete tune-up starting with the throttle valve cleaning..

I'm not real sure I understand the logic of the instructions. It says to hook up a vacuum gauge and bring the engine speed up to the highest vacuum.

Question 1: Where is this screw?

Then spray the cleaner (I've selected Barrymans spray cleaner) into the cleaning hole

Question 2: Where is the cleaning hole?

Blip the throttle for 15-20 seconds while spraying

Question 3: Does anyone know at about what RPM you get a good high vacuum at, I mean really does it have to be that exact?

Then decrease the engine speed to obtain the lowest possible vacuum, again wouldn't this be like idle? Spray the cleaner again into the cleaning hole and blip the throttle for 15-20 seconds.

Stuff like this is why I usually take my own pictures of things so others aren't looking at a cartoon picture or picture that is so dark nothing is distinct.

I thought I would do this before replacing my plugs and wires so I don't foul out my new plugs

Re: Throttle valve cleaning 1986 SEi - neoracer - 10-14-2012

Q1: vacuum ports are located on bottom of each lower intake runner near the head
Q2:cleaning port is located above the rear vacuum ports halfway up the runner
Q3: just use a method to hold throttle and a steady rpm while making the throttle plate syncs,could even use main idle adjustment screw to raise idle higher while making the sync and then dcrease it to around 1000 +/- 50 after doing so

unless someone before you really screwed up the throttle plate sync, syncing them will make an improvement but it probably wont be world changing

Re: Throttle valve cleaning 1986 SEi - Frank - 10-14-2012

thanks. I wasn't going to worry about the sych since I don't think it has been messed with but thought I would go ahead and clean as suggested while I was working in that area. I just wasn't sure which screw was which. I notice that the plug caps unscrew like on my 750's so just some new wire and I should be good to go in that area.
The idle is just not as smooth as I think it should be. I just cleaned the original plugs and re-installed them till I made sure I got some of the other bugs out so now I would like to get her dialed in a little better.

Re: Throttle valve cleaning 1986 SEi - neoracer - 10-14-2012

personally i think cleaning plugs is a thing of the past,there is really no way to know w/o modern test equipment whether it really improves anything,considering the price of new,its really just easier to replace and forget,but that's my opinion

Re: Throttle valve cleaning 1986 SEi - Frank - 10-14-2012

Oh I agree but I didn't want to slap a new set of plugs in and have them foul out from me cleaning or putting them into a motor that wasn't going to run. My buddies come and get my old plugs since I tend to change them so often that they still look new. Since the bike had sat for several years before I got it one of the first things I did was to pull the plugs and give the cylinders a good soaking with penetrating oil. It has taken me months to get to the point where I can look at much more than the basics. This was what I started with. Look about 11 posts down

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