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Fans not working - BearOnt - 07-22-2007

Where is the fuse for it?

- myplace 46 - 07-22-2007

That's a good question Bear, I checked two manuals and neither one says anything about the fuse! my guess is it has to be in the main fuse block under the tank shelter. Just check each fuse with a test light till you find it.

- SIR tricky - 07-22-2007

The schematic shows #1 fuse controls the fan circuit. If that isnt the problem, it is more likely to be a broken wire down by the fan, it gets hot down there and it's hard on the wires.
Also it could be the fan switch.

- Guest - 07-22-2007

I once had a problem with my fan not kicking on and found it was the electrical connector on the left side down by the triple tree. It was fine it had just lost contact. I cleaned it up and unplug and pluged it together a dozen times then used dielectric grease and it started working just fine. The little tabs that hold the connector together had broken off so it just wiggle loose.

Give it a check! Of course you have to pull the shelter off to get in there.