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starter buttom - Usblack129 - 06-09-2012

again i'm out there i hope it not to dumb but should the starter buttom work with the kill switch in the off position? I tested the black/wht wires at the coil and power goes out when the switch is in the off position on both coils but you push the starter buttom and the starter spin no matter where the switch in at off or run lost

Re: starter buttom - 90Blazer - 06-09-2012

Does the bike start or just the starter turn over?

Re: starter buttom - kwatts - 06-09-2012

That is normal behavior when the kill switch is in the Off position. The starter runs but there is no power at the coils. So it will not turn over, but it will crank until the battery dies.

Re: starter buttom - Usblack129 - 06-10-2012

Thank You!!! Thank You Both!!! I been on this for two days thinking something was wrong! because i have a kawasaki 750m1 csr and the switch kills everthing so i was thinking the same thing here. I just pick the bike up two weeks ago found a few cut or broken wires that i'm repairing, So i'm new to this, on this model bike this is my frist GOLDWING hope not the last ^Smile^ Now on to other thing :YMAPPLAUSE: