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Carb removal... - Discus - 04-09-2012

Hi I think I need help with the removal of my carbs. I took the fairing out and change my timing belts, spark plugs, oil and filter. Now I want to clean my carbs because the bike was sitting for a few years before I purchased it. I read the books/manuals and unhooked everything up to the throttle cables. I loosen up the lock nut of the cable but could get them out right away. I struggle a little and then had to stop to go to work. Any trick to get the cables unhooked from the cam? I can pull the carbs out enough to see the back of the cam...

After that, will I believe I should take the choke cable off (I'm at work so don't have the books with me). Will come right out after? It doesn't seems to be very easy and can only imagine the fun to put them back in. I am sure I will be cursing in French and in English.

Any tips/tricks will be appreciated.

Re: Carb removal... - wingandaprayer - 04-10-2012

I believe the cable should unhook by rotating it of the cam till the end will come out of the cam. A helper is handy to wiggle the set of carbs in and out. Watch for hooking the wire on the neutral indicator switch under the carbs. It is an awkward place to solder it back together. :-W

Re: Carb removal... - Discus - 04-11-2012

Ok, I got it out. I didn't have a chance to work on the bike yesterday but today I got the throttle cables out/disconnected and I was still having problems. I realized that I had forgotten to disconnect the front left secondary supply tube so it was holding the bank/creating resistance.

Now to cleaning. Quick question: Is it possible to clean the carbs (every important parts) by leaving the carb bodies on the assembly. If I take the covers off and the float bowl, do I have access to what I need to clean or do I really have to split the whole thing.

Thanks again!

Re: Carb removal... - SIR tricky - 04-11-2012

have a look here see if you can find anything useful

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Re: Carb removal... - Discus - 04-11-2012

Thanks, I will check again but I read a lot from this site and for complete instructions/repair guide they sell it. I was told that in the past there were more free instructions but when it comes to carb rebuid/repair they sell the guide for $39.95.

Re: Carb removal... - Guest - 04-11-2012

To do the job right you have to break the carb assembly down & do each carb by its self.