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Starter stays no power at all...gl1200 LTD - nfldr - 07-21-2011

Hello everyone...wondering if you 1200 junkies can shed some light on my frustrating situation.
Last night after a short ride...a half hour stop...went to start bike up...starter stay engaged.
Got it unstuck by rolling her forward a couple of feet.
Rode home.
Thinking this morning I just had dirty connections etc...cleaned everything up on the starter circuit, only
to discover that the starter button would stick in.
Sprayed some contact cleaner in...seems to be okay.
Then went on to find that she will start, by just turning the key on...without hitting the starter button.
A little earlier this evening, thought I would change out my starter relay with a spare I had in the garage, that
I thought was a good one.
Strangely...I now have no power at all...zilce...nothing comes on.
I thought I'd check the main fuses, even though they are spade fuses in sealed marine holders.
Everything seems okay there.
I did however...notice some sparking on the positive side of the relay when I moved it around...even without the key in the ignition.
Too much drama before going to bed...just decided to pack it in for the night.
Any thoughts...I'm beginning to wonder if it is the ignition switch...she has 215,000 kms. so, that ignition switch has
gotten lots of use.
It's kinda frustrating...because in the 16 years since I've owned her...this is the first time she's let me down.
Your thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks everyone

Re: Starter stays no power at all...gl1200 LTD - SIR tricky - 07-21-2011

Probably the starter clutch is sticky.
Running a can of Seafoam in the oil for about 2-300 miles prior to draining and changing the oil will usually clear that up.

Check in the Tech center on this article it might help your power problems. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

Re: Starter stays no power at all...gl1200 LTD - nfldr - 07-21-2011

Thank you Tricky...checked out that link...and will look into it tomorrow...I'll
post what I to get some shuteye now.