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Re: New carbtune - admin - 09-03-2010

Interestingly enough there was an even harder ride option available but most people were warned against it at the dealer. I bet you'll get out there and enjoy it every now and then, you can't help but have fun in that car and the bonus is that it's a Chevy so cheap parts will always abound for it. Enjoy. \:d/

Re: New carbtune - Roleketu - 02-02-2011

Just ordered my new CarbTune Pro with tool pouch. Had to take advantage of the strong US dollar against the UK pound. Total $105.27 and that includes shipping from the UK. A couple weeks ago just the Carbtune Pro was US $115.

Re: New carbtune - Guest - 02-02-2011

Every time I take a second look at a Vette it's that body style.Must be something about vintage Wings and Vettes that appeal to vintage folks like us. I know, whadda mean by us?
Congratulations anyway. Back to carbtune, sounds like the kind of device I'm looking for. What I'm long been curious about is frequency of sync check. I get the idea that it's only necessary if you have been in the carbs or notice starting/idling issues.Fuel economy? I have been under the impression that sync would not effect this. Hmmm, more research.


Re: New carbtune - bluewing - 02-03-2011

Syncing my carbs is part of my regular spring maintenance. It takes me about 1/2 hr to sync my carbs with the carbtune.

Re: New carbtune - Roleketu - 02-03-2011

Same here, once in the spring. Then around mid season if I'm doing some other work that has the lower fairing fins off, I'll do the sync again because it only takes a few more minutes at that point.