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Vapor Lock - Guest - 07-29-2010

I have had some problems with my '86 SEi shutting down only in the hot weather. I just replaced the fuel pump because I thought that would solve it, but unfortunately it hasn't. I now am pretty sure it's a vapor lock, due to the close proximity of the pump and exhaust? And it starts and runs again after I cool it down with a little water from a drinking bottle. IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO SOLVE THIS VAPOR LOCK PROBLEM, I would certainly appreciate your experience with same! Hey... it's Summer!!
Thanks, Kim.

Re: Vapor Lock - neoracer - 07-30-2010

i'm having the same type of problem and am in the process of attempting to wrap some foam pipe insulation in the area of the pump and lines as best i can

will post if results seem to work,problem is it only does it at certain times and certain conditions