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Brake lines replaced - Guest - 06-16-2010

mark h in mesa arizona here. i finally got around to installing the Venco braided brake lines i bought about a year ago(my bad for procrastinating) and , man, what a job! i removed the entire front fairing and i can't imaging trying to do this job with the fairing in place. once i could get to the lines it was fairly easy to remove the old and install the new, and the new lines fit perfectly. the rear is actually very easy to do. i'm surprised that the braking feels about the same as it did before i started, but at least i know that these lines will last far longer than i will probably own the bike. i'm planning on bleeding the entire system again this weekend to see if the feel will get any firmer. in all, a project worth the time and expense.

Re: Brake lines replaced - roscoepc - 06-16-2010

How much did they set you back and did you replace the clutch line also?

Re: Brake lines replaced - admin - 06-17-2010

You may not have removed all the air from the brake system otherwise the feel should be firmer.

Re: Brake lines replaced - Guest - 06-18-2010

the new lines were about $225 from venco. a little spendy but they fit right and i had no
hassles with them. there are many other places to get lines but i figured if they were
made to exactly fit my bike then they would be much less trouble to install. i'll do the
clutch line later when i have more time.