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5mm fittings for carb syncing - neoracer - 11-27-2009

while cruising around another forum found a pix that somone had posted ,which will be great to use in that u can install and plug with a vacuum cap so that carb sync connection can easily by done anytime and quickly connected,you could even run a short length of hose out so that the lowers do not have to be removed to resync

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> part # BM5 ...... 800-854-3500 if you call they will give you a local distributor,problem comes if that company doesn't stock item since they need a minimum order before they will order in your part

[Image: th_bm5.jpg]....gotta thank goldwing randy for this info

Re: 5mm fittings for carb syncing - admin - 12-07-2009