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LED Lights Anyone? - 4evermetric - 11-22-2009

So, would you guys recommend replacing the incandescent bulbs with LED's? Tail, brake and turn signals?

Re: LED Lights Anyone? - roscoepc - 11-22-2009

Me?? No.. There's not enough power savings to justify it..

Re: LED Lights Anyone? - admin - 11-26-2009

I don't find that the ones I've tried are bright enough to satisfy me.

Re: LED Lights Anyone? - Guest - 11-26-2009

Power savings is above 9/10s
My LEDs are brighter than stock and proven, same set in my aspy for 2 years and not even a hint of a problem.

Re: LED Lights Anyone? - SIR tricky - 11-26-2009

I havnt changed any of my bike bulbs, I have an external alternator but I swapped my trailer lights and added some LED turn signals so I could use the bikes wiring.
I find the LEDs exceptionally bright.

Re: LED Lights Anyone? - 4evermetric - 11-27-2009

Okay, so let's assume I will replace the incand. bulbs with LED's. Any particular brand to buy,and where to buy them?

Re: LED Lights Anyone? - neoracer - 11-27-2009

there are lots of choices out there,from cheap to somewhat expensive but w/o knowing where the lights are actually to be placed, its a hard process to know exactly which ones to recommend

alot of led are partically worthless in a goldwing application but would work fine in a auto

can probably help u out if we talked........... in us or canada?

Re: LED Lights Anyone? - Guest - 11-27-2009

I can still get the best of the best in LED Lighting spec,ed for the gl 1200
I have sold many of these sets to many members in this forum and the other goldwing forums,

Just ask around or see the threads under Lighting and electrical then LED

My lights are proven and brighter than stock.

if intrested just let me know

Jim Pendley

Subject: LED Lights Anyone?

Re: LED Lights Anyone? - Guest - 11-28-2009

Hello Fysty-1, I have been around, just lurking in the shadows.

How have you been?

Re: LED Lights Anyone? - admin - 11-28-2009

Is it just me or does it seem that LED's are bright if you look at them directly but if you go off a few degrees from direct they are not so bright whereas an incandescent bulb is full brightness from just about any angle from the base out?

Re: LED Lights Anyone? - neoracer - 11-28-2009

led bulb brightness depends alot on the type of led and the placement

bulbs that have leds facing out the back are exteremely directional and give out no side lightning which in the goldwing application is needed,the best for the goldwing is what they call "tower" bulbs where there are usually 15 or 18 leds side mounted and 3 or 4 rearward mounted

also some leds are what they call superflux which is what i have used to good results,regular leds are partically worthless imho

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... _id%3D6c3k</a><!-- m -->
then click on the 20 LED red PowerBlast picture ...............these bulbs are exceptionally bright,problem comes in that he is no longer stocking them and places i have seen something like them.they just aren't as good

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... _BULB.html</a><!-- m --> ....these bulbs would probably be great in the two lower brake light bulbs in the saddlebags but in the upper trunk area would be dissappionting

led tech has some which everyone is happy with,but i have not used any of them since i already had enough for two bikes and my cars,i have since changed out all bulbs on the bike to led with exception of the instrument <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="panel">panel ... _id%3D6c3k</a><!-- m -->

Re: LED Lights Anyone? - neoracer - 11-28-2009

dollar for dollar you could just change out all the 1157 bulbs to 2157's :-W :-W :-W :-W

save some money up and install the poorboy kit,then lighting power is not part of the problem ever again :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

penny or a pound as the expression goes i think

Re: LED Lights Anyone? - 84wngnut - 11-28-2009

No Vic, it is not your imagination I tried a couple on my car ( backup lights ) at night , looked good ,came day light I looked again and I could not see them untill I was right in front of them , Could not see them from the sides. Had to remove them because that would fail state safety inspection . Can't take a chance with the bike. I am trying to find a brighter or some that projects light from all angles :-L

Re: LED Lights Anyone? - Guest - 11-28-2009

Just let me know when yall are ready for some real LED Lighting 8)

Re: LED Lights Anyone? - Guest - 11-28-2009


About the lights you posted:

The first one, or the marker lights are superb for markers.

The second ones are only good in the front turn signal position only, the drawback of this type is they are a hot spot light, only casts light in around a 20 degree area and does not illuminate the chrome reflector in the housing.

The actual LED and the super flux LED is old school and not very bright, they are first and second generation in LED lighting.
We are in the 4th and 5th generation on LED power now, much brighter..