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Radio - Satch - 05-08-2007

Have problem with running lights and while trying to figure out where the problem was, the radio began to make wild noise. Snap crackle and pop type. Can anyone give me some in site on this problem

- SIR tricky - 05-08-2007

Where are you powering your running lights from?
Ideally you should use a relay for your lights, powering from a fused wire directly from the battery and the switched side from your accessory screw.

horn - Satch - 05-09-2007

I believe they are hooked up to or threw the head light, they only work when the head light is on bright

- SIR tricky - 05-09-2007

You could still use the same switching as long as the current is direct from the battery, using the switch to power the relay.
I wonder if current draw the way it is setup is reducing the amount of power to the radio causing the noise.

relay - Satch - 05-09-2007

where would I find the relay or I guess follwo the wire

- SIR tricky - 05-09-2007

It sounds like it has been wired without a relay, like you say follow the wires and see. You would have to purchase a relay, they are not that expensive. If you want it working in the same manner as it is now. The wire thats going to the lights now would go to switch the relay and a separate fused wire from the battery would go to the other side of the relay.

You can get an idea of how to do it here
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- SIR tricky - 05-10-2007

To power two 55 Watt spotlights it is suggested that one use a 20 amp fuse and a relay.
The power to activate the relay can be taken from the accessory terminals in the fusebox.

If you are still using the stock alternator be aware that it will not provide enough juice to use the spotlights without draining the battery. I would wire it similar to this diagram so that you can switch it separately as required.

[Image: drivinglight_wiring_diagram.jpg]

radio - Satch - 05-23-2007

Have checked and found the relay and have it direct to battery. But still the radio make bad noise. Have any other idea? I have run out.