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Morgan Carbtune - Guest - 06-29-2009

Has anyone used this tool to sync the GL1200 carbs? If so where does it connect , vacumn hoses. .I know the carbs are sync off off #4.I believe that is left rear.

Re: Morgan Carbtune - SIR tricky - 06-29-2009

Yes, a good piece of equipment.
Connects with adapters to the 4 screws at the lower end of the intake tubes.

Re: Morgan Carbtune - Guest - 07-01-2009

The adapters I have don't fit the openings. What did you do?

Re: Morgan Carbtune - SIR tricky - 07-01-2009

If you bought the carbtunes new they had a metric set and an imperial set of adapters.

You could purchase 4 metric allen bolts that fit the thread in the intakes and drill a fine hole. the hoses should just fit over the head of the allen bolts.

You also could contact carbtunes at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> on the first page where it says:

The dog ate my ....

Get your spares here

A set of adapters 5 UK pounds I do believe,

Re: Morgan Carbtune - Tropicalsuns - 07-01-2009

I have it and it comes with the right adapters to do the!!! what a great tool!!!