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Cruise Control on SE-i - Guest - 06-15-2009

I have an SE-i. My cruise control isn't working. I have used the Honda LTD supplemental manuel to trouble shoot my problem. Everything checks out to Honda's specs for the system. I'm now suspecting the cruise unit itself. I have looked up the unit in the parts manuel and have noticed that Honda has three different part numbers. Seperate part numbers are for the LTD, SE-i, and the 1987 Aspencade. Does anyone know if any of the other units will work on the SE-i?

Re: Cruise Control on SE-i - motor22 - 06-15-2009

Before you start part replacing check the switches by the clutch and both brakes. That is a comon problem. Also if aftermarket levers are installed that can also occur, They dont hit switches properly

Re: Cruise Control on SE-i - Ed Z - 06-15-2009

That and verify you have vacuum to the cruise diaphragm...

Re: Cruise Control on SE-i - Guest - 06-18-2009

All vacum checks and pressure checks were performed and were as they should be. All switches, clutch, throttle return, front brake, back brake, speed sensor, set & resume switches showed working properly. The cruise valve was replaced and checked. Hoses were good. All these electrical checks were made at the harness plug. The LED on the cruise box is off. The cruise indicater light is on, on the dash, but unit will not set. Will other boxes work on the SE-i? :?:

Re: Cruise Control on SE-i - Calif Wingnut - 08-09-2011

Like on my 1500=all good less cruise valve test. Nos brought it back to life.

Re: Cruise Control on SE-i - neoracer - 08-09-2011

i would think the ltd and the sei box would defionitely interchange and as long as the wiring connectors are the same the aspy should work too

pm me your email address and i'll send you the schematics on all three