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Throttle body diagram - admin - 11-15-2008

Submitted by SoCal_Prib.

Re: Throttle body diagram - Guest - 09-24-2010

The selected attachment does not exist anymore.

Re: Throttle body diagram - KnoxSwift - 09-26-2010

Dang I missed it is dead.

RE: Throttle body diagram - ErnestoM - 05-18-2017

(09-24-2010, 01:30 PM)Gueset Wrote: The selected the Bathmate X50 attachment does not exist anymore.

Can you reupload?

RE: Throttle body diagram - SIR tricky - 05-18-2017

I don't exactly know what file was posted but I have extracted the carb section of the manual and posted it here

It will expire in 48 hrs so get it now

Your profile shows a GL1200 year 2002, the gl1200 models were produced 1984-1987

RE: Throttle body diagram - glhonda - 05-18-2017

Generally speaking, TB refers to a "throttle body". Usually a term used in fuel injection. God only knows what was being offered or what the question/complaint was.......may have nothing to do with carburetion.

RE: Throttle body diagram - SIR tricky - 05-19-2017

well we cant win em all