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Brake Lines - garyft - 11-06-2008

Does anyone know of someone who makes steel brake lines for the GL1200? I'd like to get a fitted set and not have to fabricate them.

Re: Brake Lines - SIR tricky - 11-06-2008

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I presume you would be changing the clutch line too?

I am hoping to pull mine off this winter and measure the full length of the clutch line, there is a part that is factory fitted to the steel section, this does not come with the steel clad lines, I figure if part of the line needs changing then all off it needs changing.

Re: Brake Lines - Guest - 11-06-2008

I bought the H-E-L stainless lines two years ago. Reasonably priced and quick shipping from the UK.

Re: Brake Lines - SIR tricky - 11-06-2008

They now have a dealer in Florida.

Keener, did you buy the kit? and what did it consist of

Re: Brake Lines - Guest - 11-06-2008

Yes, tricky, I bought the kit for an '84 GL1200A. If memory serves, everything for a complete changeover was included - lines, fittings, et al.