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85 carb help, idle wont drop 1500 rpm.. - William_86 - 11-04-2008

Hello, my friend just got a 85 aspy, the po said it needed carb work. it had no power at all. well. we brought it home. startet at 8 pm, removed carbs off the bike, the choke was stick on all carbs so we had to separate them. carefully everything was taken apart. lots of fuel in gel state at the float bowls. removed all the rubber, the pilot screws on all carbs were 1 and 1/2 turn out on all carbs. cleaned the carbs bodies with lots of gasoline and sprayed carb cleaner trough the idle passages, cleaned the carb cleaner with more gasoline and then compressed air all around the carb bodies and every small hole. everything looking clean, the float valves were ok. got everything back together, using the haynes manual spects for a 85 non-california used 2 and 1/4 turn out on the carbs. bench synchronized them (all butterflies are same) and installed the whole thing back on the bike. carefully installed the choke and throttle cables. everything smooth, ok. fired her up.

the idle was at 1600 but very smooth. turned out the idle screw. and it only droped to 1500. warmed her up and that made any difference. the idle screw is almot 1 turn out of falling but is not stoping the carb thing anyway.

went for a short ride. pulled the throttle and what a difference, she had plenty of power just like my own 1200. rides very smooth idles very smooth. but too high though.

checking around.

the throttle is free and returns BUT. when you push the arms it will drop to 800 rpms its rly hard to push and all it will drop is to 800 rpm. on my 1200 if i can idle at 200 rpm just by using the scew. anyway.

checked the choke it is returning perfectly the exhaust has a little leak on the right pipe, haven't checked it out yet but it sounds and if you put ur hand unver it you will feel it.

I need some tips. whats the correct idle screw setting? if i remember right im using 2 and 1/4 on my 85 interstate and is working perfectly. i know the carbs rly need a rebuild but it may take some time for the parts to arrive, my friend has no more $$ for now and we wanna go to a rally this weekend so we want the bike to run a little better, well its running amazing is just the idle thing.

thanks in advance!!!

Re: 85 carb help, idle wont drop 1500 rpm.. - MikeM - 11-05-2008

A vacuum leak can cause the high idle. Double check all hoses and connections. If you haven't already, double check the carb sync. One carb set a little "off" can cause it to idle high also.

Re: 85 carb help, idle wont drop 1500 rpm.. - William_86 - 11-18-2008

thanks. it is solved.

Re: 85 carb help, idle wont drop 1500 rpm.. - Fatwing Chris - 11-18-2008

What was causing the problem William?