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Clicking noise on the heads - William_86 - 08-13-2008

Whats the clicking noise on the heads?

my wing has it but it is not that loud, you can barely notice it when idling at a quiet room like the room where i keep her.

im just wondering i was told that this bikes have hydraulic valve adjusters? so they are or not maintenance free?

when i ran light oil , castrol GT 15w40 for bikes it was louder than now. im running castrol gtx 25W60 for cars.

Should i worry about? or its normal?. it ask because i've heard other bikes on videos and the engine sounds a little bit different disregarding about what exhaust system is installed. but the noise around the engine area.

also lately when runnig cold sometimes it clicks a little than you can hear it while taking off. it goes away i you rev a little. at highway speeds (80-120 or more km/h) you cant hear any extrange noise from the engine.

Re: Clicking noise on the heads - Guest - 08-13-2008

Mine makes that clicking sound also. Had the guy at the cycle shop listen he thought it sounded normal. Anxious to hook up with some of you gear heads for an oppinion. I'm planning on attending the maintenance gig in Niagara in a couple of weeks to meet some of you. Seems like a pretty nice crowd on this site.

Re: Clicking noise on the heads - 85GL1200I - 08-13-2008

Mine does that too, mostly at lower RPM's.

On the open highway, at highway speeds, quiet and smooth as can be.

Suggestion......ride with HD's, you won't be able to hear ANYTHING :lol: