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Morgan Carbtune-GREAT SERVICE ! - Guest - 08-11-2008

Wel, I finally decided to breakdown and spend the money for the equipment to sync my carbs. Tried several places to buy the Motionpro but everybody told me they were on backorder and may not get one this year, then I checked into the MORGAN CARBTUNE. It cost about $25.00 more with the case than the motion pro but what service. I ordered it on August 2nd and received it today(August 11th.) shipped from England ! Great service and a very nice looking unit, hope to use it this weekend. If you're looking to sync your carbs, I'd highly suggest you give them a try.

Re: Morgan Carbtune-GREAT SERVICE ! - Guest - 08-11-2008

Thta's what my buddy did, too. Great service. We used it to sync the carbs on our '84 and it worked slick!

Re: Morgan Carbtune-GREAT SERVICE ! - MikeM - 08-12-2008

Works great and no fluid to worry about. You can blip the throttle all you want and not have to worry about sucking the fluid out of the gages. If you suck those big stainless steel sliders through the little vacuum hoses and into the engine then you have tuned the bike up way too much! Confusedhock: :lol:

Re: Morgan Carbtune-GREAT SERVICE ! - Guest - 08-12-2008

I just couldn't wait till the weekend,so took off work a little early to try hooking up the Morgan carbtune, figured I could at least try it. I never syncronized these carbs before and they were way off. I could not believe what a easy and great tool this is to use. Only took about 10 min. once I got it hooked up. Can't say enough about this tool and Thanks to Mike for recommending it to us. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Re: Morgan Carbtune-GREAT SERVICE ! - Guest - 02-17-2009

I have heard all good about the Morgan Carb Tune and also waiting to use on my 84 aspy. I dont think my carbs are that far off but will soon find out.

Re: Morgan Carbtune-GREAT SERVICE ! - Tropicalsuns - 02-17-2009

Just bought one as well

Re: Morgan Carbtune-GREAT SERVICE ! - Tropicalsuns - 02-23-2009

and got it today...

Re: Morgan Carbtune-GREAT SERVICE ! - roscoepc - 02-23-2009

That's the one that has no mercury right?

Re: Morgan Carbtune-GREAT SERVICE ! - Tropicalsuns - 02-24-2009

roscoepc Wrote:That's the one that has no mercury right?

yup... had a liquid one and too many bubbles made it useless.

Re: Morgan Carbtune-GREAT SERVICE ! - admin - 03-12-2009

I took Tricky's advice and ordered a set also. I just got tired of replacing the mercury in my Motion Pro carb tuners that I had for years. :ymapplause:

Re: Morgan Carbtune-GREAT SERVICE ! - wingandaprayer - 03-17-2009

Will be snowplowing out the path to the bike garage soon Tongue (we love this country, honest) and moving the Wing to heated shop for spring prep. Synching the carbs is on the list. I was chatting with a rider at our local Honda shop this winter - he used to ride a GL1200 (now riding Kawi Concours) and he said the GL1200 engine is so easy to synch he would do his every oil change "just because they run so sweet" .

The service from Carbtune was great. I think my shipment (Carbtune and moto adjustment screwdriver set) took 6 or 7 days to arrive by mail (no $25 to $40 "brokerage" fees a la UPS from the US)

Re: Morgan Carbtune-GREAT SERVICE ! - Guest - 03-17-2009

Just ordered yesterday, 96.00 and some change with pouch! Tongue

Re: Morgan Carbtune-GREAT SERVICE ! - admin - 03-17-2009

Mine cost me $118.27 but that's Canadian.

Re: Morgan Carbtune-GREAT SERVICE ! - LorneG - 03-17-2009

So Vic.. are you going to host a 'carb calibration day clinic' some time this spring? that might be something to consider.. maybe even up at Forest. Just a thought..

Re: Morgan Carbtune-GREAT SERVICE ! - admin - 03-17-2009

Tricky and I will be in Waterford, Ontario at the Gold Wing meet at his place and I am quite certain that Tricky will be showing off his Carbtune to the guys and if not I will bring mine along to synchronize carbs if needed. The meet will take place on August 22nd and 23rd and the 22nd will be meet and greet, food, rides and bike adjustment if needed and the 23rd will be education day where I will be staging G.W.R.R.A. classes where folks can learn to drive their Wings better for a small fee. C'mon out and meet with us if you can. If your carbs are real bad right now it might be nice to set something up for Forest in the spring. I'll tlk to Don at SOS about it and see what he says.