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Driving light mounts for 86 SEi model - Guest - 02-16-2008

Hello, I have been reading posts about installing aux. driving lights up high. Does anyone know where I can get a light mounting bracket for the 86 SEi model? (Do not really like the type that mounts to the engine guard- but it seems that may be my only choice) I am not opposed to fabricating something, but I am not that original.

- SIR tricky - 02-16-2008

These are available at JCW

Click here!

- admin - 02-16-2008

That's the same one I have on mine. It gets the lights up nice and high.

- Guest - 02-16-2008

Is it this one?( ZX029855W) JCW has it for 29.

- admin - 02-16-2008

That's the one.
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Light bar - sailorchuck - 02-16-2008

Hello -here is a pic.of my light bar from JCW. It is light weight,but if you do not use to heavy of lights you well be just fine.[Image: 5084129.jpg][Image: 62638288.jpg]

- Jarhead - 02-16-2008

Sailorchuck, what type of lights are mounted on that bar?

- William_86 - 02-16-2008

and where to get those lamps? Tongue i loved them

- Guest - 02-16-2008

I like those lights! Found something similar from Walmart (55w). Relatively inexpensive and come with switch/wiring. I have seen exeptions to the light bar fitting all but the 85 ltd and the 86 SEi model. I checked with JCW and they said will fit all 1200's. so ordered one up! Cannot tell from the pics, but what do they mount to?

Driving lights - sailorchuck - 02-16-2008

Hello Riders----The lights are from JCW stock # ZX490430B. The add said 55w bulbs but they are 50 w. They are not the best made but I have had know prolblems with them and they but out a lot of light. I drilled a hole in the back side of thelight bracket on the right side and ran all the wireing inside of the light bar.I like the way they look on my wing. For the $22.00 for the lights, it is not a bad deal nowdays.The bar mounts to the two top raditor b studs.[Image: 7019129.jpg]

- RustyTheDog - 02-16-2008

Personally I have rewired the cornering lights as driving lights.

Now mind you, they're not very good at helping you see the road, and they use a lot of current so they shouldn't be used for city driving. They make you more visible to cars, that's their only real value in this way.

BUT... it costs nothing to do, and to me the idea of "cornering lights" that self-cancel makes them pretty much useless as Honda designed this feature. (They are only useful to see the road when the bike is leaning into a turn, such as a cloverleaf. But since they self-cancel before the cloverleaf is completed, what's the point?)

To me this is preferable to the factory design, so I figured why not rewire them? I have found that they CAN be left on for long periods with the SEI's larger stator as long as your RPM's are up, but they would kill the battery in city driving.

There are others who have replaced the cornering lights with bright white LED's and they seems satisfied... especially if they redirect the beams more forward.

- Guest - 02-17-2008

Do the aux. driving lights need to be hooked into the low beam/hi beam circuit? I recall reading somewhere on this site about using a relay. Does that cut the driving lights out when hgh beams are activated?

- Guest - 02-17-2008

Check the laws in your state. ASK an enforcement official. Some states require NO aux lights with high beam. Different states word the law differently allowing a specific maximum number of lights. If they can only be used on low beam, you need to use the low beam power supply to energize the relay. Use a switch on the ground side of the relay, whenever possible, to allow the relay to find ground. When you turn on the high beam, this power supply should go dead. Otherwise, you can just use a switch to operate your aux lights. Regardless of which power supply you use, ALWAYS wire your lamps through a relay.

- Guest - 02-18-2008

My fair state, aside from outrageous taxes and the best political structure money can buy, does require aux lighting be deactivated with high beams on. I began looking at the schematic, but not sure where the best place to tap into the low beam circuit is and how I tie that into new relay for the aux. lamps.

- Guest - 02-18-2008

It looks like a white wire prior to the switch may work. Any recommendations where best place to tap in would be?