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Right Turn Signals: Work - Don't Work! - WingMan71 - 12-13-2007

Hello All,

The shippers just delivered my '87 Aspencade yesterday, so I'm in the "findin' and fixin' every little thing" phase now!

My right turn signals work sometimes and don't work at other times! These "work - don't work" events can be just as little as several seconds apart, e.g. click the right turn signal switch once and nothing happens. Wait 15 seconds and click it again and the turn signals work! There is no difference in the feel of the switch itself between the two directions, i.e. left-click and right-click feel pretty much the same.

When they do work, all turn signal lights are on and flashing properly. Left side always works.

The turn signal switch itself was just disassembled/cleaned at a shop before the bike was shipped to me. That was the only troubleshooting done on this issue at this point.

Any ideas on where to look, what to check, would be greatly appreciated. I kind of like those 4-wheel guys to know where I intend to go!

Thanks for any help.


- SIR tricky - 12-13-2007

Turn Signal Switch Inspection
Remove the top compartment and right coupler holder
Disconnect the turn signal switch couplers and connector.
Check the continuity of the terminals on the
switch in each position.
R: Br/W to O/W and Gr to Lb
N: Br/W to O/W to Lb/W
L: Br/W to Lb/W and Gr to 0
Move the lever L or R and hold; P to G
With the lever in the center; Push in and hold: Lg/W to G

[Image: turnsigswitchtest.jpg]

- admin - 12-13-2007

Excellent detail Tricky but I would be tempted to try a flasher first just in case that resolved the problem.

- SIR tricky - 12-13-2007

The switch is the first thing to check in the manual.
Smile Smile then again it could be low on flasher fluid" Smile Smile :roll:

- admin - 12-13-2007

I've seen the electronic flashers give trouble over the years so it could be the flasher fluid. :lol:

- WingMan71 - 12-14-2007

Thanks all!

I wasn't able to find any flasher fluid, so I gave up on that idea! :lol:

I did find a can of relative bearing grease though. Once I apply that, not only will I know where I am, but I'll get there smoothly! :lol:

Tricky, thanks very much for the pin-out on the turn signal connector! One question though... Can you expand on "Remove the top compartment and right coupler holder cover" please?

Does that mean just open the lockable lids of the top compartment and pull out the removable tray, or does it mean actually remove the entire top compartment from the bike?

It's supposed to be raining here all day Saturday, so that will be a good time to get out the VOM and poke at the connector!

PS) My manual says that the flasher unit for the turn signals and the hazard flasher are the same unit, and can thus be swapped to test to see if one is bad.

Thanks again,


- SIR tricky - 12-14-2007

Yes the faux tank.

Click here! for more info

- WingMan71 - 12-14-2007

"Yes the faux tank" - open the lids and look inside somewhere?


"Yes the faux tank" - remove the entire thing from the bike?

- rcmatt007 - 12-14-2007

now if I have a been-opened bottle of flasher fluid.... how long before it is bad and I need to replace it with a sealed bottle?

- SIR tricky - 12-14-2007

remove the top cover.
you will find out how if you follow the link in the previous post
I think you will find the connector your looking for at the right side of the steering well under the rubber cover, look for a connector that has the same color wires as described in the test.

- WingMan71 - 12-14-2007


Thanks so much!

I did not see the link in your earlier post. My bad!

I printed out your instructions on that linked thread. Those should get me to the connector in question quite nicely!

More weekend work for me!

- admin - 12-15-2007

If you pay attention Tricky offers some top notch information. Idea