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Back off? - Seniorwing - 10-12-2007

Has anyone put that back off for your brake lights on your bike? How does it work and what does it do and last but not least-do you like it? Thanks....

- Seniorwing - 10-13-2007

Anybody? Sad

- SIR tricky - 10-13-2007

Which back off light?
Are you talking about one similar to this?

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I have had one on the bike for many years that flashes left/right several times then switches to Both on, each time the brake is applied.

I have been told it is quite effective,

- Seniorwing - 10-13-2007

That is it tricky. I will be getting the one for the LED's because I will be changing to this when Jim gets them in. Thanks for the info.

- exavid - 10-13-2007

I've got the Back Off version that flashes the brake lights several times and then goes solidly on each time you hit the brakes. Along with my headlight modulator and air horn I feel a lot more visible and audible.

- admin - 10-14-2007

Why don't you guys just give in and paint your bikes yellow. :lol:

- exavid - 10-14-2007

It confuses the kids waiting for the school bus.

- admin - 10-14-2007

And all the parents in cars seem to pull over also. Quite the color for safety.

- Seniorwing - 10-14-2007

I would be affraid they might try to stop me thinking I am a cab. :lol: :wink:

- admin - 10-14-2007

Just think of all the extra money you could make while you were doing something you loved. Big Grin

Larry the cable guy - WingNut57 - 11-18-2007

exavid Wrote:It confuses the kids waiting for the school bus.

Vic, Not trying to be a smart #$@ here, but in the famous words of Larry the cable guy, "That right there is funny I don't care who you are", :lol:

Funny - overdrive26 - 11-20-2007

Now that was funny! I haven`t had such a fun laugh in a long time.
Wayne Allen :lol: :lol: :lol: